Philips Stand Blender Essential Review

My roommate has the blender Birthday of us get super because he likes to cook. With the here but he has surprised us. Until now there was Schockomilchshake and NEN Multi-Smothie. Has serh tasted creamy and frutisch. Great part. Cleaning is easy and the stand one part a. The Bedinung is clear. Noise in our opinion, Ok. In the morning no one will quote at least awake in the other rooms.

After my old blender breville has served me well for years has given up the ghost I've bought this here (see also:breville blend-active personal blender 300 watt review). I must say I was so happy with my old blender, this new Philips here is simply worlds better. You can tell easily that it is all the technology up to date and everything at its best. I can only recommend it.

When I hear that some problems have here in the comments, I can only shake his head. The blender works perfectly and can whole fruits unprepared (that is uncut and in full size) mince. The product is at full power in any case as fluid as any supermarket smoothie.

Top Blender, previously crushed everything I purely were. Have him I bought mainly for smoothies, these usually include Banenen, apples, frozen berries, ice cubes, almonds + half a glass of water! However, the water should not be missed, because otherwise the blender has a few problems with the crush, but half a glass is easily sufficient! But Quark gefroerenen with berries and 500g low fat curd + half a glass of water is great!

After I had already worked in daily use for the production of green smoothies the unit of a French manufacturer after four months, it should be a stabilized coupler, but still affordable part time. I think that I have with the Philips HR2084 / 90 found it. The glass pitcher does not discolour, despite daily use, it can be easily released from its latching without quite the same to fall apart. The whole unit stands firmly on its rubber feet and also the noise is quite bearable. I'm sure it is even after more than four months still like that.

Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

A super great kettle. Unbeatable for the price of approximately € 28.00. Good quality and the water you can use it after the first operation. He does not stink and runs perfectly. He is bissl A small, but perfectly adequate. He is stable and perfectly adequate for my purposes. Just a pity that it was not him something colorful.

I had a kettle of glass, lighting purchased in the house purchase (€ 49.99). After 2 months he has given up the ghost (bad contact), had no longer had the receipt. Now I have ordered this kettle, I have to say even if he does not light up or anything, I'm something of satisfied. by award-forth is also much cheaper and the quality better than my previous kettle.

Every day, sometimes several times in action and despite very hard water almost no calcium deposits on the bottom plate. And certainly no rust, as I've seen it in previous devices. With the lid closed during cooking occurs only little steam. The bill could be a little better shaped to be more precise pouring into the openings of thermoses. All in all we are very satisfied with the device.

My old kettle has given up the ghost. Since this is no longer manufactured, needed something new. As it should be easy to clean, I preferred a whole hot plate (no bars or open heating coil).
A capacity of 1.5 liters should also, as a well-read level indicator be present.

This brought the Philips shortlisted. It can be filled well in the sink and there is a fine sieve, which retains small scale residue.
I do not know wass some people expect from a kettle, but this does exactly what he is, he boils water! I am so completely satisfied and would recommend him without hesitation.

My Review about Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

For me it is important to have a Samsung smartphone, so far as I was more than satisfied with the Galaxy products. Now I wanted to replace the Galaxy S3. However, I have S4 or S5 too large, so a mini must be found. Since everything to me sufficient, what the S4 has to offer Mini, I do not use excessive spend money and not get me the newer S5 Mini.

With this decision, I am fully satisfied on. The S4 Mini is handy and I can do everything just as well and use as before on the S3. Strong buy recommendation for Galaxy lovers

My husband has to look for three months, the S4 Mini as a work phone in use, and of course I had already, as the S4 makes mini so. A neighbor, the S4 has brought mini as a replacement for his iPhone, and was not entirely happy, because he synchronize with the contacts did hard on gravel. This is still the weak point, gravel can bend.

There are, however, in the Google Play Store now a lot of apps that do exactly this work. To record the data from the old Android phone is here given as an example shortly JS Backup, a great and safe way to transfer data.

"Our" mini S4 came with a telecom LTE contract into the house, and with some telecom apps. Moreover, even extra-applications of the employer.
The LTE story is great, because very quickly, even on a tablet Hotspot is here no problem. The work apps run flawlessly. Navigon is also've been on it and runs perfectly when normal power is available.
The size is nice, and can be operated with one hand; processing is also fine.

The camera takes great photos, which correspond approximately to the quality of her the S2. Videos are better than the S2. From the photo quality but the S3 has still ahead, and taking all Galaxy smartphones.
The battery lasts with LTE around the clock in about 2 days (including daily surf two hours), which is perfectly ok.

For normal games, the performance is sufficient compute-intensive games like Angry Birds Go, for example, are rather then something for the S4 and S5.
Here it is running Android 4.2.2, an update there has been no, but there is no lack.

There are also plenty of cases and screen protector, there's something for every taste. For other smartphone manufacturers this additional stories come unfortunately often too short.

Conclusion: mini for the S4 there is a clear recommendation. We have been here for 4 years, the Galaxy phones in use, and up to the S3 newer design (not enough memory) I was thrilled by all. Anyone looking for a small, fast Android smartphone with a good all-round carefree package that is right here.

About Russell Hobbs Blender 600 watt

The most important compact:

Does what it should. A few weeks ago ordered and almost every day i used it.

Can be quickly and easily cleaned. 

Unpüriert can at recently switched from and to small chunks that have seemingly wedged somewhere below. So rather run a little longer, rather than an no fine food in transfusion.


The device is also very loud. Even a loud vacuum cleaner can not keep up. Best not to use in poorly sound-proofed buildings at night;) Since everything else fits, I can live with that.


So I have got this blender in August 2013 bought, so it was almost 6 months in use.


Until now it has worked great, and never let me down. (use about 2-3 a week!)


Neither the "leak" is what some have described occurred after complete disassemble, yet he has weird "smell".


However, I have until now only shakes, smoothies and soups (too hot vegetables) made ​​it, so nothing frozen or gecrusht ice. So I can improve the ability of the "ice crushens" not beschreiben.Falls I should do that sometime soon but I add that. I am more than happy for that price.


The value for this device only TOP !!!

I am almost every day my green smoothies and small whole apples, dried mustard seeds, ginger pieces .... no problem for this blender. However, he crushed not so good, the threads of leaf plants such as


Kolrabiblattstiele, carrot petioles etv. However, I give this no point deduction, because that the device was simply too cheap to make such high claims. Then I'll just also super clean only the leaves :) Lets. At the beginning of the blender was still quite fast on hot engine but that has after we have recorded on each other, placed quickly and now he gives me my Powersmoothies.


This thing is really wonderful! I've read through many tests and blender so some reviews here on Amazon. The blender manages to crush ice. If you want to puree thicker stuff without addition of water, he falters here and there a little. But juices, smoothies, frozen fruits, nuts and ice he has mastered so far for me without any problems.


Really great! This of course is also true the price-performance ratio. The diameter of the blender is removed, ie the jar and the lid is simply put in the dishwasher and the knife can be rinsed by hand (at least I'm doing this so that when the knife is cleaned as carefully as possible and long holds). The glass container is very sturdy, better than models of other brands.

Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera Review

So, what the camera can, here is yes. I would just like to point out that the camera on the PC, but also on mobile phone in browser and also via app is perfect to use, both can pan, tilt, Bewegunserkennung, microphone switch, output sound (if the line out of the camera a small speaker is plugged in ). As Android app Tip: IP Cam Viewer (light).


Connect via a network cable

Start the search program from the CD

The IP appears there is already accessible via the browser on a local network incl. Tax functions. 

Wlan? Then simply choose in the settings in the browser with wifi network settings, there the wireless networks are displayed, click, enter wireless key, done:-) 

Call Now even outside your home network via PC and mobile?

In the router DHCP enable (in the configuration of the router) the port release, which will also be displayed on the search program of the CD. Then type in only the address that is on the label of the camera and it lüppt;-) 

Use of an app?

You should set up two cameras, one for use when one is at home in the WLAN with the IP address (faster Vervindung) and one with the address of the stands on the camera label if you are outside of its own network. 

Alarm function also works. The IO ports are inputs and outputs, for example. an additional motion detectors are connected, the alarm function is activated the camera and the outcome can relay eg. Lights are turned on. 

All this for 45 euros ???? Could not be better. Price / performance there is no better !!

Oh the company Wansview is not sooo unknown, which is listed in the IP CAM Apps for Android incl. The right model. Necessarily access. Who is dissatisfied, it just has not managed to establish it 

The greatest difficulty was recover the password for my router for me. The 2nd largest difficulty was to give the new Cookie rights Addresraum-IP. The rest was easy after the local descriptions. Going through because one understands at once the manual

First-Class Screen Devices Dell U2414H Monitor

The Dell U2414H 61cm (24 inch) monitor is one of the really first-class screen devices.

The image is razor sharp. The color rendition is really true to life. The distribution of brightness on the monitor is totally balanced. The operation is intiutiv (a small touch panel at the bottom of the monitor).


Device from the package, connect (HDMI) and it works immediately.

The device also USB cables are included and one driving CD - so the monitor can be connected digitally via a USB port (I have not tested yet).

No adjustments or nachjuistieren necessary.

Only the brightness I could take back something. (75% reduced to 50%).


The display has a matte surface and an excellent viewing angles from the side. As long as you can see on the monitor one also has a good picture without "negative effect".




Have the screen a few weeks now and have to say, Office and Gaming and movies are great to watch. The monitor looks really cool, I have now ordered a second one, which then goes into dual mode. Will look great, because the edge is so thin as to my Xperia Z, absolute hammer!


For me, also important was the stand wobbles or rattles nothing here. When I once again against the desk ram everything stays in its place, the screen moves as good as not at all. Processing is great, very easy to use.


Who had the screen and got upset about the colors should really check the time settings of its graphics card. Assuming you also have to connect its video card and not taken from the motherboard ...


What can I say, it's fun with the part, no matter what I do on the PC. And as I said, it just looks cool on my desk !!


Conclusion: For Whom the € 200 are not too much for a monitor should access. I sit by the way about 60 cm away from the screen and find the perfect size !!

Happy Camera Canon IXUS 155

I am super happy with this camera, it takes great pictures and if you look
a bit with the settings employed also good to understand instructions, there is not, unfortunately, but you can find on the Internet, otherwise it's pretty much explains itself

The camera certainly makes sharp pictures with the high megapixel number of 20 and the 10-speed opt. Zoom. But I was disappointed with the other skills of the camera. There are no features to creative image editing, no scene modes such as Night Scene, Twilight, Portrait, Sports, etc. Also, one can not make image details and then save. In short ... I have the camera sent back, because such things are important to me. Thought which are now standard on every digicam!

So if you want good photos, no frills .... for it is certainly the right choice. If you want to omit creative, the Canon IXUS 155 should not define.

Camera I really like, it is very easy to use. Price / performance ratio.
Not like me, that the USB cable to the PC not included is available for transmission and also the not memory card. Both does not cost much and should be automatically offered when ordering. I had both again ordered separately and could therefore take the camera into operation immediately. It was extra work that has me did not like!

After I had my Nikon Coolpix sunk in the sea stood on the question of a new photo. As I am aware that I really do not need all the bells and whistles, the de Coolpix had, I did not want to spend so much more money. I want to be quick snapshots and off and make a video of the children. My choice was the IXUS. The first photos and videos are gemach and I'm thrilled. The camera is very easy to fit into every ladies handbag (in an emergency in your pocket) and makes great photos and videos. I would buy the camera at any time.