First-Class Screen Devices Dell U2414H Monitor

The Dell U2414H 61cm (24 inch) monitor is one of the really first-class screen devices.

The image is razor sharp. The color rendition is really true to life. The distribution of brightness on the monitor is totally balanced. The operation is intiutiv (a small touch panel at the bottom of the monitor).


Device from the package, connect (HDMI) and it works immediately.

The device also USB cables are included and one driving CD - so the monitor can be connected digitally via a USB port (I have not tested yet).

No adjustments or nachjuistieren necessary.

Only the brightness I could take back something. (75% reduced to 50%).


The display has a matte surface and an excellent viewing angles from the side. As long as you can see on the monitor one also has a good picture without "negative effect".




Have the screen a few weeks now and have to say, Office and Gaming and movies are great to watch. The monitor looks really cool, I have now ordered a second one, which then goes into dual mode. Will look great, because the edge is so thin as to my Xperia Z, absolute hammer!


For me, also important was the stand wobbles or rattles nothing here. When I once again against the desk ram everything stays in its place, the screen moves as good as not at all. Processing is great, very easy to use.


Who had the screen and got upset about the colors should really check the time settings of its graphics card. Assuming you also have to connect its video card and not taken from the motherboard ...


What can I say, it's fun with the part, no matter what I do on the PC. And as I said, it just looks cool on my desk !!


Conclusion: For Whom the € 200 are not too much for a monitor should access. I sit by the way about 60 cm away from the screen and find the perfect size !!