Happy Camera Canon IXUS 155

I am super happy with this camera, it takes great pictures and if you look
a bit with the settings employed also good to understand instructions, there is not, unfortunately, but you can find on the Internet, otherwise it's pretty much explains itself

The camera certainly makes sharp pictures with the high megapixel number of 20 and the 10-speed opt. Zoom. But I was disappointed with the other skills of the camera. There are no features to creative image editing, no scene modes such as Night Scene, Twilight, Portrait, Sports, etc. Also, one can not make image details and then save. In short ... I have the camera sent back, because such things are important to me. Thought which are now standard on every digicam!

So if you want good photos, no frills .... for it is certainly the right choice. If you want to omit creative, the Canon IXUS 155 should not define.

Camera I really like, it is very easy to use. Price / performance ratio.
Not like me, that the USB cable to the PC not included is available for transmission and also the not memory card. Both does not cost much and should be automatically offered when ordering. I had both again ordered separately and could therefore take the camera into operation immediately. It was extra work that has me did not like!

After I had my Nikon Coolpix sunk in the sea stood on the question of a new photo. As I am aware that I really do not need all the bells and whistles, the de Coolpix had, I did not want to spend so much more money. I want to be quick snapshots and off and make a video of the children. My choice was the IXUS. The first photos and videos are gemach and I'm thrilled. The camera is very easy to fit into every ladies handbag (in an emergency in your pocket) and makes great photos and videos. I would buy the camera at any time.