Philips Stand Blender Essential Review

My roommate has the blender Birthday of us get super because he likes to cook. With the here but he has surprised us. Until now there was Schockomilchshake and NEN Multi-Smothie. Has serh tasted creamy and frutisch. Great part. Cleaning is easy and the stand one part a. The Bedinung is clear. Noise in our opinion, Ok. In the morning no one will quote at least awake in the other rooms.

After my old blender breville has served me well for years has given up the ghost I've bought this here (see also:breville blend-active personal blender 300 watt review). I must say I was so happy with my old blender, this new Philips here is simply worlds better. You can tell easily that it is all the technology up to date and everything at its best. I can only recommend it.

When I hear that some problems have here in the comments, I can only shake his head. The blender works perfectly and can whole fruits unprepared (that is uncut and in full size) mince. The product is at full power in any case as fluid as any supermarket smoothie.

Top Blender, previously crushed everything I purely were. Have him I bought mainly for smoothies, these usually include Banenen, apples, frozen berries, ice cubes, almonds + half a glass of water! However, the water should not be missed, because otherwise the blender has a few problems with the crush, but half a glass is easily sufficient! But Quark gefroerenen with berries and 500g low fat curd + half a glass of water is great!

After I had already worked in daily use for the production of green smoothies the unit of a French manufacturer after four months, it should be a stabilized coupler, but still affordable part time. I think that I have with the Philips HR2084 / 90 found it. The glass pitcher does not discolour, despite daily use, it can be easily released from its latching without quite the same to fall apart. The whole unit stands firmly on its rubber feet and also the noise is quite bearable. I'm sure it is even after more than four months still like that.