About Russell Hobbs Blender 600 watt

The most important compact:

Does what it should. A few weeks ago ordered and almost every day i used it.

Can be quickly and easily cleaned. 

Unpüriert can at recently switched from and to small chunks that have seemingly wedged somewhere below. So rather run a little longer, rather than an no fine food in transfusion.


The device is also very loud. Even a loud vacuum cleaner can not keep up. Best not to use in poorly sound-proofed buildings at night;) Since everything else fits, I can live with that.


So I have got this blender in August 2013 bought, so it was almost 6 months in use.


Until now it has worked great, and never let me down. (use about 2-3 a week!)


Neither the "leak" is what some have described occurred after complete disassemble, yet he has weird "smell".


However, I have until now only shakes, smoothies and soups (too hot vegetables) made ​​it, so nothing frozen or gecrusht ice. So I can improve the ability of the "ice crushens" not beschreiben.Falls I should do that sometime soon but I add that. I am more than happy for that price.


The value for this device only TOP !!!

I am almost every day my green smoothies and small whole apples, dried mustard seeds, ginger pieces .... no problem for this blender. However, he crushed not so good, the threads of leaf plants such as


Kolrabiblattstiele, carrot petioles etv. However, I give this no point deduction, because that the device was simply too cheap to make such high claims. Then I'll just also super clean only the leaves :) Lets. At the beginning of the blender was still quite fast on hot engine but that has after we have recorded on each other, placed quickly and now he gives me my Powersmoothies.


This thing is really wonderful! I've read through many tests and blender so some reviews here on Amazon. The blender manages to crush ice. If you want to puree thicker stuff without addition of water, he falters here and there a little. But juices, smoothies, frozen fruits, nuts and ice he has mastered so far for me without any problems.


Really great! This of course is also true the price-performance ratio. The diameter of the blender is removed, ie the jar and the lid is simply put in the dishwasher and the knife can be rinsed by hand (at least I'm doing this so that when the knife is cleaned as carefully as possible and long holds). The glass container is very sturdy, better than models of other brands.