Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera Review

So, what the camera can, here is yes. I would just like to point out that the camera on the PC, but also on mobile phone in browser and also via app is perfect to use, both can pan, tilt, Bewegunserkennung, microphone switch, output sound (if the line out of the camera a small speaker is plugged in ). As Android app Tip: IP Cam Viewer (light).


Connect via a network cable

Start the search program from the CD

The IP appears there is already accessible via the browser on a local network incl. Tax functions. 

Wlan? Then simply choose in the settings in the browser with wifi network settings, there the wireless networks are displayed, click, enter wireless key, done:-) 

Call Now even outside your home network via PC and mobile?

In the router DHCP enable (in the configuration of the router) the port release, which will also be displayed on the search program of the CD. Then type in only the address that is on the label of the camera and it lüppt;-) 

Use of an app?

You should set up two cameras, one for use when one is at home in the WLAN with the IP address (faster Vervindung) and one with the address of the stands on the camera label if you are outside of its own network. 

Alarm function also works. The IO ports are inputs and outputs, for example. an additional motion detectors are connected, the alarm function is activated the camera and the outcome can relay eg. Lights are turned on. 

All this for 45 euros ???? Could not be better. Price / performance there is no better !!

Oh the company Wansview is not sooo unknown, which is listed in the IP CAM Apps for Android incl. The right model. Necessarily access. Who is dissatisfied, it just has not managed to establish it 

The greatest difficulty was recover the password for my router for me. The 2nd largest difficulty was to give the new Cookie rights Addresraum-IP. The rest was easy after the local descriptions. Going through because one understands at once the manual