My Review about Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

For me it is important to have a Samsung smartphone, so far as I was more than satisfied with the Galaxy products. Now I wanted to replace the Galaxy S3. However, I have S4 or S5 too large, so a mini must be found. Since everything to me sufficient, what the S4 has to offer Mini, I do not use excessive spend money and not get me the newer S5 Mini.

With this decision, I am fully satisfied on. The S4 Mini is handy and I can do everything just as well and use as before on the S3. Strong buy recommendation for Galaxy lovers

My husband has to look for three months, the S4 Mini as a work phone in use, and of course I had already, as the S4 makes mini so. A neighbor, the S4 has brought mini as a replacement for his iPhone, and was not entirely happy, because he synchronize with the contacts did hard on gravel. This is still the weak point, gravel can bend.

There are, however, in the Google Play Store now a lot of apps that do exactly this work. To record the data from the old Android phone is here given as an example shortly JS Backup, a great and safe way to transfer data.

"Our" mini S4 came with a telecom LTE contract into the house, and with some telecom apps. Moreover, even extra-applications of the employer.
The LTE story is great, because very quickly, even on a tablet Hotspot is here no problem. The work apps run flawlessly. Navigon is also've been on it and runs perfectly when normal power is available.
The size is nice, and can be operated with one hand; processing is also fine.

The camera takes great photos, which correspond approximately to the quality of her the S2. Videos are better than the S2. From the photo quality but the S3 has still ahead, and taking all Galaxy smartphones.
The battery lasts with LTE around the clock in about 2 days (including daily surf two hours), which is perfectly ok.

For normal games, the performance is sufficient compute-intensive games like Angry Birds Go, for example, are rather then something for the S4 and S5.
Here it is running Android 4.2.2, an update there has been no, but there is no lack.

There are also plenty of cases and screen protector, there's something for every taste. For other smartphone manufacturers this additional stories come unfortunately often too short.

Conclusion: mini for the S4 there is a clear recommendation. We have been here for 4 years, the Galaxy phones in use, and up to the S3 newer design (not enough memory) I was thrilled by all. Anyone looking for a small, fast Android smartphone with a good all-round carefree package that is right here.