Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

A super great kettle. Unbeatable for the price of approximately € 28.00. Good quality and the water you can use it after the first operation. He does not stink and runs perfectly. He is bissl A small, but perfectly adequate. He is stable and perfectly adequate for my purposes. Just a pity that it was not him something colorful.

I had a kettle of glass, lighting purchased in the house purchase (€ 49.99). After 2 months he has given up the ghost (bad contact), had no longer had the receipt. Now I have ordered this kettle, I have to say even if he does not light up or anything, I'm something of satisfied. by award-forth is also much cheaper and the quality better than my previous kettle.

Every day, sometimes several times in action and despite very hard water almost no calcium deposits on the bottom plate. And certainly no rust, as I've seen it in previous devices. With the lid closed during cooking occurs only little steam. The bill could be a little better shaped to be more precise pouring into the openings of thermoses. All in all we are very satisfied with the device.

My old kettle has given up the ghost. Since this is no longer manufactured, needed something new. As it should be easy to clean, I preferred a whole hot plate (no bars or open heating coil).
A capacity of 1.5 liters should also, as a well-read level indicator be present.

This brought the Philips shortlisted. It can be filled well in the sink and there is a fine sieve, which retains small scale residue.
I do not know wass some people expect from a kettle, but this does exactly what he is, he boils water! I am so completely satisfied and would recommend him without hesitation.