Motor for rotating the rotor attached to the woofer

It was a name to say "Biburaton (Vibratone)," said 1941 initial stage of development. It was not in the genuine products of Hammond's, but the speaker unit having a structure similar begins to be produced, without having to offer a Leslie, Hammond, Inc. became a form of Fender's acquisition of Leslie in 1965 until the end.

If you look from the back of the speaker unit in the form of a unique slit enters at the top and bottom of the cube of the wooden interior has become a triple structure, rotated by a motor to (tweeter) speakers top issues a treble horn is attached. Mounted toward the bottom layer (woofer) speakers that produce bass a motor for rotating the horn in the middle portion.

The bottom layer, a motor for rotating the rotor attached to the woofer and the tube-type amplifier is attached. The rotor rotates in the direction opposite to the horn of the treble. Motor can be rotated in two stages with the fast "" (fast) "slow" (slow) "the speed. The initial one in the stop / fast, slow has not been equipped.

By rotating the rotor and these horns, rather than electrical, to give effect to the sound physically, vibrato, tremolo, and resulting in a chorus. In addition, the state of up to stop rising or rotation of the motor is to constant has given rise to a more natural effect.

Cultivate the technology along with the staff of MIT, Professor Amar Bose · G · the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is, establish their own theory about the speaker. 1964 based, was established in MIT campus Bose Corporation this research. It has developed a variety of audio equipment to pursue the sound of their own by the reference of Bose, and other speakers, you have a high reputation.

It has been operating as a company of technology-driven maker of research and development up to the automotive suspension systems and industrial equipment also audio equipment outside the field for consumer, commercial, and automotive audio equipment now. The advance in Japan established the Bose Asia Limited Japan Branch in 1977. Founded Bose Corporation of Japan corporation (BOSE KK) in 1984. Headquartered in Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Maruyamacho 28-3 Shibuya YT building. In Germany and Japan, Bose Automotive which specializes in automotive specially designed audio system exists as a separate company. In Japan, Bose Corporation, Bose Automotive Co., Ltd. both, wholly owned subsidiary of the United States headquarters.

Kessuru Game

Time to Kessuru is game is the shortest competition, Hikomi competition is a competition scoring to perform advanced tricks in just a little less than two seconds. Is called a no-splash the water inlet that is not up to the spray, it becomes high evaluation point.
This is done from the St. Louis Olympic Games of 1904 in the modern Olympic Games, and won four gold medals in springboard diving and Dive of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, Greg Roganisu of America, became a player of legendary dive industry have.

The United States has won the gold medal of the most, but the power of China nurturing environment of the cited countries are in place is by far the group in recent years, the gold medal in all eight events in seven events in the Beijing Olympics 2008 have won.

It is also called platform diving. It is a competition dive from the diving board concrete inelastic, but get the score or twisting rotation, by and pose of falling. It is 50km per hour in the water inlet at the time in free fall from 10 meters. It becomes more than 50km per hour If you dive to jump higher. Overcoming fear and shock is needed.

It is also called spring board diving. Springboard high elasticity are pushed out to the pool, Competitors water after it passes through the run-up hurdle step, and jump by using its elasticity or standing at the tip of the springboard, and trimmed the posture in the air on this I plunge into. In this case, to perform a variety of acting you can rotate in the air, you can twist, and or try to round the body, to obtain a score. Advanced technical skills are required than Dive, players to migrate to springboard diving from Dive often when it comes to the veteran.

This is done for the first time at the World Championships, which was held in Perth, Australia in 1998, and became Olympic official event from the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Players two pair performs acting at the same time, I compete for ranking tunability of two people by the (synchronized zation) and maturity of the acting. Proportion of points is not possible to obtain high score by two timing has not match even if a good performance 40% acting, synchrony is 60%. There are events of two 10m high jump 3m springboard and included Hikomi.